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​"Emily is a really friendly, passionate and welcoming practitioner. I felt instantly at ease and very comfortable in her presence and within the sessions. Since having hypnotherapy I feel calmer, relaxed and more confident. I really valued the time and would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone! " - Anon.

What  exactly is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution focused Hypnotherapy brings together two very effective and powerful forms of therapy - Solution focused brief therapy and hypnotherapy. Solution focused brief therapy recognises that all clients have the resources within them already to make the changes they are wanting to make in their lives. It focuses on the strengths of the client and encourages the formulation of personal goals. It is forward looking in its nature and, although the past can be discussed, its emphasis is put upon looking at where the clients wants to go when moving forward. 


The second half of the session involves hypnotherapy, which helps the brain find solutions and reinforces the need for action it also increases the clients own personal self- belief and reduces anxiety. 

One of the key elements that makes Solution Focused Hypnotherapy so effective is the fact that within the first session (the initial consultation) the client will gain an understanding of how the brain works in relation to the problems they present with, and more importantly an understanding of how they can break out of the pattern of negative thinking they are likely to be experiencing. It is a very simple explanation however once understood it really can be life changing...

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