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Anxiety and Low Mood

Mental Well-being through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution focused hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in the reduction of anxiety and stress it can also help with low mood, anger and increase an individual’s confidence, self-esteem and sense of control and ability to move forwards in their life.

​Solution focused hypnotherapy is by no mean a “quick fix” to your problems and although many clients will find it beneficial it does require a certain level of commitment and time. Sessions need to be weekly to start with and you should allow for between 8-12 sessions. This is an average and may vary a bit.

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  • Anxiety

  • Low mood

  • Stress

  • OCD

  • Anger

  • Insomnia

  • Phobias

  • Confidence and self-esteem

'Thank you Emily for helping me get a good night sleep and reduce my anxiety/stress. 
Your sessions have been a lovely relaxing experience and you have helped me gain perspective and set personal goals to achieve a much happier life. 
I would thoroughly recommend you. You have a lovely, caring personality, a great sense of humour and you have helped me move on to make changes for the better.'

Kate, Malmesbury Wiltshire

When an individual is experiencing high levels of anxiety or is within a period of low mood they can quite often find themselves feeling overwhelmed, out of control and as a result they can soon start to believe that they fall short in having the mental ability they need to improve upon how they are feeling. They become stuck in a vicious cycle of anxiety, negative thinking and perceived negative outcomes and consequences to their actions
If all this sounds familiar, then I am confident that solution focused hypnotherapy can help you to break yourself out of this negative cycle that you are currently experiencing. It all starts with you gaining a basic
understanding of your brain and what is happening within it to cause your anxiety, low mood or anger to increase to a point whereby you no longer feel in control. 

Once you understand this you can start to recognise that you do indeed have the control you need to make your way, step by step into a more positive, relaxed, confident and solution focused mindset.  Each session is focused upon getting you working from the positive, imaginative, “I can do it” part of your brain and is concluded with a hypnotherapy session that helps you to embed and strengthen the positive goals, actions and insights you have gained from the session.

​With the right mindset and instructions your brain can direct and get you to wherever you want to go in life. Your brain is amazing and wants to help you in life it just needs to be understood and rewired accordingly at times!

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