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About Me

Emily King DHP HPD RMN

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  - Carl Jung

My name is Emily King and I am a qualified and practicing Solution focused hypnotherapist.

​I am also trained as a mental health nurse and I have gained around 13 years of experience of working within this field on a busy acute admissions ward. 


During my time as a mental health nurse, and throughout my journey in life so far, I have come to recognise just how many people remain caught up within their past experiences, these can quite often be negative, disempowering life experiences that can repeat themselves time and time again. The person can feel hopeless to change as they place all the power in the hands of these past experiences.

From a very young age a person can get trapped within a vicious circle of negative thinking, anxiety, anger, resentment and a poor sense of control. The past controls them not the present moment. It is in fact the persons own repetitive thought processes that keep them in the past not the past experiences in themselves.


This is where I believe Solution focused hypnotherapy really creates lasting change. The initial consultations primary focus and purpose is to provide each client with an understanding of how their brain works and why they are experiencing the problems that they are. Whether that’s anxiety, low mood, anger, phobias, smoking, pain…. once the client gains this understanding they can take back some control over their brain and literally change the way it works for them.

As your therapist I am there to guide and support, it will be you that creates the change for yourself – how exciting is that!

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