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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

At Emily King Hypnotherapy, I specialise in solution-focused hypnotherapy to help you overcome your obstacles and reach your goals. My customised sessions are tailored to your unique needs and are designed to help you make positive, long-lasting changes in your life.

Unlock Your Mind's Potential with Hypnotherapy

Transform Your Life with Effective Hypnotherapy Services

I believe the power to change lies within you. With my personalised approach, we will work together to unlock that power and help you achieve your goals. From overcoming anxiety to improving confidence, I'm here to guide you towards success.


About Me

Meet Emily King: Your Hypnotherapist

Hi, my name is Emily King and I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. My passion is to help people unlock their full potential and make positive changes in their lives. I believe that each person has the power within themselves to achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves, and hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to support them on that journey.

Unconscious habits of thought run up to 95% of our day. The unconscious mind controls how we feel, what we say, what we do, and how we react or respond to problems and situations we are faced with each day. Feelings of anxiety, low mood, anger and a perceived inability to implement change are all driven by negative unconscious habits of thought. These habits of thought have usually been a lifetime in the making and can start to form from a very young age.

Solution focused hypnotherapy  works by replacing these unconscious negative habits of thought with more positive unconscious habits of thought. In a nutshell the end result is that we have a friend, motivator, and inspired mind leading us through our day instead of a negative, scare mongering and confidence zapping mind that wants to keep us stuck and all to often feeling totally out of control.

If you would like to find out more about solution focused hypnotherapy then watch my short video below where I explain more about how and why it works so well

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What Emily King Clients Say

''Thank you Emily for helping me get a good night sleep and reduce my anxiety/stress. Your sessions have been a lovely relaxing experience and you have helped me gain perspective and set personal goals to achieve a much happier life. I  would thoroughly recommend you. You have a lovely, caring personality, a great sense of humour and you have helped me move on to make changes for the better.''

- Kate Prentice

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