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A young person’s sense of control

Following many years of working as a Mental Health Nurse it has become clear that mental health difficulties are on the increase, specifically for the younger people of this world. Anxiety, anger and depression are now hitting the younger generation hard. Many of these younger people struggle to feel in control of their lives as they believe that the power to change lies outside of themselves. It is their outside environment that is responsible for the life that they are now experiencing.

This idea is known as Locus of Control. An individual that feels the their outer world is responsible for how they experience life is said to have and “external locus of control” whereas an individual who has a sense that they hold responsibility over their own life is said to have an “internal locus of control”

The world for a younger person has perhaps gone a little crazy, family life has shifted, the pressure to succeed in education and in careers has increased and with the world becoming smaller we hear more and more about the dangers and threats that exist within it. To a young pair of eyes, and often to the oldest pair of eyes, life can sometimes feel unfair, bewildering, scary and pretty much impossible.

Many young people today have lost a sense of self control and self belief as they find themselves holding the false perception that many of their life experiences, achievements and difficulties have been created by influences outside of themselves. Whether that is their parents, peers, teachers or perhaps a past trauma that they have experienced. It may simply be down to how they believe the world to be. This will often lead to increased anxiety, anger and depression as their brain gets stuck in a loop of negative thinking and panic. Even when they achieve positive results they will still believe that the outside world, or even luck, is responsible!

If a young person can regain a sense of personal control and accountability they will naturally feel more authentic, confident, able and excited about life and the possibilities that DO lie within it. They will literally start to create their life from the more positive, rational and goal orientated part of their brain.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help shift a person’s focus and life experience as they gain an understanding that they are indeed in control of themselves and how they experience life. This can be a real game changer when it comes to the life they go on to lead.

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