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Exams stress, anxiety and the avoidance technique.

Are the thought of exams, coursework, or dissertation deadlines causing you anxiety, stress and panic?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to see a clear way forwards?

Education is getting tougher, expectations to succeed is increasing, and all the while more and more young people are finding themselves stressed, anxious and sleep deprived in the lead up to exams, final submission dates and dissertation deadlines.

A little bit of stress and anxiety is a positive thing, it helps motivate us and prepare us for action. However too much off it can tip us into the arena of panic, negative thinking , poor sleep, anger, anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Quite often this feeling of being overwhelmed will lead us to retreat, deny and put off any action as it all feels “too much right now”. Most people can relate to the last minute sprint to get a task done. That is not to say that taking no action for a while makes the problem go away as your brain is still aware that it needs to be done. In fact the rational part of the brain will identify that it is better to start now and do a bit at a time, however when anxious and stressed the more rational part of the brain is often set aside as the more primitive and panic based part of the brain takes charge.

Solution focused Hypnotherapy is an extremely simple and straightforward therapy that helps the client gain a greater understanding of their brain and how it works against them when it comes to feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. The good news is that it also helps the client come to the realisation that it is possible to take back control as they start to access the part of the brain that is I more positive, rational and in control. The perfect mindset to have when preparing and sitting for exams or for making sure you make steady progress on an essay or dissertation that achieves the result that you are worthy off.

Contact Emily King at ‘Living a Life Inspired Hypnotherapy’ To learn more!

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